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We are the merge of the talent and expertise of different professionals of the sectors of production, multimedia, international and communication agencies.

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Project Manager

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Jacobo Suso
Creative manager

Jacobo González de Suso Xifra, with more than 20 years of experience in project management, multimedia sector and new technologies for companies such as TERRA, TELEFONICA, and 8 years of experience in the audiovisual sector, participating in more than 60 national and international productions.

TV Executive

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Alex Balsa
executive producer

Alex Balsa  coordinates the direction and execution of both TV and fiction projects. She has been director of projects for producers like Tele 5 / Telespan, Bocaboca … developing series as Family Doctor, All men are equal, Journalists, Dear Master, Sisters, Central Hospital, Commissary, …,…


Productor ejecutivo


Salva Yagüe
Line producing

Salvador Yagüe, Line Producer with international background for productions such as The Promise, Tomorrowland, La Fuga, Mr Nice, Mortadelo y Filemon, The Bourne Ultimatum, Sahara, Die Another Day … advertising spots for Coca Cola, Nike, Adidas, Nintendo …
(see IMDB)



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David Mayo

David F. Mayo, focus puller and camera operator. With extensive experience in cinema (more than 80 films) advertising, TV series, documentaries and video clips. Some projects: Crime with a view to the sea, Silence in the snow, Night corridor, Widows on Thursdays, Lies and fat, Room for rent, … , … (see IMDB)



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Daniel Mayo
Photo & film making

Daniel F. Mayo, has worked in over 35 national and international film films, advertising, TV. Some projects: The Ignorance of Blood, Marseille, Victor Ros, The Rosicrucian Ring, The Mystery of the Aranda House, Land of Wolves, The Revenge of the People, … , …(see IMDB)

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Production & Postpo

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Luis Galindo

Luis Galindo, over 15 years in film production and TV: he has performed different roles from assistant, location manager, production manager and director for production companies such as Tornasol, Castafiore, Ganga Producciones, Fernando Trueba P.C., Morena,…

Responsible Production

Project Management


Nacho M.Cortiña

Nacho Martinez Cortiña, Financial Management of projects and executive production with an important international expertise. It also has a great background in national and international corporate and diplomatic relations.


lady wolf

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Yolanda Celaya

Jaime Navarrete, over 15 years of experience for big clients and advertising and communication agencies. Responsible for the digital area, web, app’s and VR 360º. With wide experience in HAVAS media, Mckann, Rushmore, Gray, Grapefruit Media … Coordinates all our digital and new technologies.

Head of Finance


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Mónica Palma

Monica Palma, Financial management, contract management and suppliers. With extensive experience in finance and m & a, Mónica is also responsible for all transactions with public administrations, incentive management, VAT returns …


HR and management

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Montse Castillo

Montse Castillo, assistant of the financial department, responsible for accounting, and also assistant in the area of ​​HR management and contracting.


Insurance and Prevention

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Jose Luis Dominguez

Jose Luis Dominguez, is responsible of the risk and insurance department. With more than 25 years of experience in insurance mediation, risk analysis and occupational risk prevention, Jose Luis is responsible that «no risks appear.”

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