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Responsible Audiovisual Production

Pay what you have to pay, and pay what you are worth: no more

Things cost what they are worth

In our Production Services the costs are 100% clear. We provide all invoices from our suppliers. There are no surprises, increases or price upwards.

A single invoice with all the concepts.

100% transparency

We unify all production costs into a single invoice. We perform all the tasks of agglutination of concepts, tax calculations …

Easy Fees & Flat Fees

Suitable and adjusted for each project

Each project is unique. At EASY we operate a system of fees & flat fees for each particular project. In this way our costs are known from the beginning and not afterwards.

For certain things «we have no sense of humour»

We sell tranquillity and reassurance

It’s simple: we give invoices from our suppliers, we establish our fees before starting each project … In this way there are NEVER any unwanted surprises.”


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With incentives of up to 40% over production costs

Spain Incentives

For co-productions and Spanish productions, a fiscal balance of up to 40% is established for the first million invested in production, and 38% for the rest of the production budget, subject to a maximum expense of 5,400,000 euros per film

In addition, for international productions up to 35% of tax refund can be generated for services contracted for expenses between 1 million and 4.5 million.

Turnkey for all types of audiovisual productions.

Lets go EASY

In all matters relating to filming: technical and human teams, locations, shooting permits, equipment, casting …

In everything related to management: administration, contracting, VAT refund, incentives and film subsidies …

Film editing, sound recording, special effects, virtual reality, 4D cinema, video scribe, motion graphics …

Easy Postpo

Realization of all types of post-production, analog and digital, as well as creation of FX for all types of audiovisual productions, advertising and digital productions. Everything you can imagine, can be realized: the limit … your imagination.

We produce advers for important national agencies and big companies. We have our own top technology to tackle the shootings and the postproductions. Quality and optimization of resources is our greatest value.

We believe in realizing ideas, and turning them into success.

We are creative

We are a creative agency of full services and communication focused on new technologies and multimedia. Global plans for MKT and Communication, media management and MKT plans …

Corporate image and communication, content production, branding, …, everything from a 360º vision both online and offline, because we are a 360º agency

Digital, WEB and multimedia developments.

We are ON

Development design and programming, content production, user experience, graphic arts, events … everything always focused on the creation and brand image of your company, products or services.

We are «ON»: WEB, web-apps, apps, web TV, landing pages, ecommerce … and we are also «OFF»: press, radio, TV … Everything is part of everything and we have all the necessary technical and human resources”

production REELsaw all

Of many things we do not understand, but what we do understand is to do things well and to bring dreams, illusions, and ideas to a success.

We are the union of experience, talent, illusion of professionals and companies of audiovisual, multimedia, new technologies and creative agencies that have decided to achieve a common dream.

Give the best of ourselves by uniting all of our respective knowledge and professional and vital experience, and something very important: not to be another one but to be referent in our disciplines.

Production, realization, post production & FX

Mr. Cañavate Reel

Mr. S. Delgado Reel

Mr. P. Burmann Reel

FX, colour, 3D

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Paseo de Pamplona nº 8
Muelle de Poniente s/n

Madrid offices

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